Volunteer Blogs – Rebecca: Highland Games

Well, I have been very busy the past week.

The weather has been changeable and thankfully not too hot.  I have heard they are having a heatwave in England.  I am glad I am not there.

It was Kenmore Highland Games

This was my first Highland Games.  So very novel for me.  We had a stall with a selection of our shop goods and were doing face painting and wire jewellery making, which turned out to be very popular.

But we also entered a team in the Tug-o-war.  In costume, (and war paint) unfortunately we were up against the Rugby club some of whom had proper tug-o-war boots and so we lost.

However, we had plenty of fun, raised money and were seen in public, which is more important.


On Thursday night we had a performance by Three Inch Fools of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

I am not a play goer or even a Shakespeare specialist but I found the performance to be very talented, and full of energy and interest.

All too often Shakespeare plays are delivered without life, and though they may be an attempt to recreate the original, It is stilted, incomprehensible and unfunny.

Either that or they modernise the setting and/or language…and it’s not Shakespeare then.

The Three Inch Fools are to be highly recommended.

They are going on a long tour of GB with a play most nights in a different place, plus they put up and take down their stage and sets themselves every time!

They must be both fit and tough.

Every week something happens at the Crannog centre.  As I always say, “Everyday is an Adventure in Heritage.”