Our goal is to become a national treasure, loved and admired by all, with social justice at its heart. To achieve this, we consistently reflect, engage in meaningful conversations, and challenge ourselves to deliver work that matters, has impact, and benefits the diverse communities the museum serves. This commitment is not merely project-work; it is integral to our mission and vision as a museum. We strive to create an organisation where a thousand fingerprints and a thousand voices are involved in all that we do.


Care for and make accessible the finds of Scottish Crannog dwellers, offering benefit, enjoyment, education, and inspiration for all. Demonstrate how the stories of the crannog dwellers weave a significant thread into the rich fabric of Scotland’s heritage. Rooted in our local community, we aspire to have a local, regional, national, and international impact. Through our practices, we aim to maximise the social and economic impact of our work, playing our part in addressing the climate emergency.


We currently have 4 strategic partners that we work closely with as part of these aims, learning from them and changing our approaches to best maximise the potential of this work.

UNESCO chair for Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts

We work closely with UNESCO RILA as a core strategic partner for the museum, influencing the stories we tell within our collections, and supporting our approach to welcoming diverse audiences.

Glasgow Association for Mental Health

Over the past 3 years we have established a relationship with GAMH as a partner delivering workshops, skill building, respite, craft and creative work, and a venue for group visits and team building.

Perthshire Women’s Aid

SCC and PWA have worked together for over 2 years on a pottery project with the museum, exploring the value and importance (academically, socially, and emotionally) of our large collection of unresearched pottery fragments from the Iron Age.

Breadalbane Academy

The SCC currently works with Breadalbane Academy, families and young people locally who are currently unable to attend school or have left school, and have not progressed into further education or work.


We aim to be Scotland’s most sustainable museum. Our practice is inspired by the lives of the original Crannog dwellers and their relationship to the environment around them.

Sustainability is embedded into the core of what we do; a holistic approach supported and delivered through 4 key pillars of sustainability as we aim to be:

A place that belongs in and cares for its environment

A trusted partner that individuals and organisations want to work alongside

A special place people want to visit and support

A place of choice to work and grow

Our Fair Work

We are committed to supporting a diverse team of brilliant people to be the best they can be through fair work recruitment and employment practices.

We commit to:

  • Invest in workforce development through vocational learning, and professional development.
  • Not use inappropriate zero-hours contracts 
  • Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace through employability working in partnership with PKC, work with school’s through Developing the Young Workforce, create opportunity for apprenticeships and vocational qualifications, and engage with a wide range of partners.
  • Support payment of the Real Living Wage as minimum 
  • Offer enhanced packages for sick pay, holidays, pensions and maternity/paternity leave.