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The Scottish Crannog Centre is a Museum situated on the banks of Loch Tay. At the Crannog Centre we interpret the lives of Crannog Dwellers who lived on the Loch 2,500 years ago through guided tours, a museum holding the artefacts left behind and showcasing the many skills and technologies of the past with hands on demonstrations.

Our Vision

To be a National Treasure loved by all, with social justice at its heart. 
As a community to care for and make accessible the finds of Scottish Crannog excavations, and to interpret the lives of Crannog dwellers for the benefit, enjoyment, education and inspiration of people of all ages.

Visitor Information

The Centre is always looking for volunteers

By volunteering at the Scottish Crannog Centre you will help to present and preserve Scotland’s heritage, giving visitors the opportunity to understand and appreciate what life was like in Iron Age Scotland!  The Centre is already an internationally known destination for people interested in our beautiful country and heritage – why not be part of its journey!

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