Stories from the Crannog: Georgia’s Digital Project

Georgia is one of our digital and creative media apprentices through UHI Perth and has been working with us throughout her time there. She has been dedicated and hard-working, and so immensely talented!

Georgia began her project with a mood board to really focus and rfine her vision for her project. She focused on creating a dynamic background, capturing the passage of time with the moon and sun. “This was the most time-consuming part,” she explained. Next, she illustrated the chopping of wood and finally, the trees growing, creating a sense of natural progression. “Too many frames to count!” she laughed. “I just kept going until I thought, ‘yeah, that’s a fine amount!'”

Georgia noted that being able to work with the Scottish Crannog Centre through her apprenticeship meant that she got to do more than sit behind a computer.

“It’s fun being here,” Georgia said. “There’s so much going on, and I’ve seen everything getting built behind the scenes, something others wouldn’t see.” Her journey has been a blend of creativity, hard work, and full of unique opportunities through education, which we hope inspires aspiring young people to explore endless possibilities in digital media.