Sketching Scotland

Find out all about the new online series here!


This week our Marketing Manager Ellen attempted to complete one of the Visit Scotland “Sketching Scotland” videos – find out how she got on below!

Lockdown feels like it’s been happening forever (14 weeks and counting at this point) and like everyone I’ve been looking for new activities to keep me entertained as the days roll on. So last week when Visit Scotland launched their new campaign Sketching Scotland, I decided to dust off the old colouring pencils and have a go at drawing one of their 20 famous landmarks – The Crannog!

I’m not an artist by any means, and I haven’t sketched anything since high school art class (which was several years ago…) so I was a little sceptical as to how my crannog was going to form, but after watching the video provided on the Visit Scotland website I realised it was much easier than I had anticipated. The videos are nice and simple and only around 5 minutes long so they’re easy to watch before you start to get an idea of how to start your drawing, plus of course you can pause the video at any time so you can really take your time on each part of the process.

And here’s the finished product! I’m really pleased with the way my sketch has turned out, and it was a great way to spend an hour of my evening doing something a bit different.

I really enjoyed this activity – it’s inspired me to have a go at drawing some of the other buildings they’ve included in the series and hopefully I’ll be able to visit them all once it’s safe to do so.

Thank you to Visit Scotland for including the Crannog in this series, I hope everyone has as much fun learning to sketch these iconic landmarks as much as I did!

To learn how to sketch the Crannog Centre, plus all of the other famous Scottish landmarks they’ve included, head over to Visit Scotland‘s website for more details.

(Heading image credit – Visit Scotland)