Opening the boxes – unleashing our national treasures

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Museum Galleries Scotland to assist in the refurbishment of the Centre’s museum galleries.


Improvements to the Centre continue with the help of Museums Galleries Scotland who have awarded us a grant to enable the refurbishment of our museum galleries.

Once the refit has been completed, the museum will house the centre’s collection which has never been seen by the public.  Items include a notched wooden object which has been identified by experts as the bridge from a stringed musical instrument, a fragment of cloth which may well be one of the oldest examples of textiles found in Scotland, plus many other interesting finds which we are keen to display to the public.

Throughout the project, staff will be working alongside the community to ‘open the boxes’ and display the objects to the public.

Museum Curator, Frances Collinson said “This grant gives us a fabulous opportunity to display our collections for the first time.  These objects were made and used by the crannog dwellers living on Loch Tay 2,500 years ago and we can now do justice to this amazing legacy that has been left for us to care for and display.”