My Life as a Museum Novice – The Last Month

Skills for Success trainee Ellen talks about her final month on the programme.

July marks the final month of my Skills for Success traineeship. It feels like just yesterday I donned my Iron Age clothing for the first time and nervously did my first guided tour! But in fact, it’s been nearly a year of learning the facts and stories of the crannog dwellers, people whom I’ve never met but feel like I know lots about. And I’ve not only learned about the people but also about the technologies, culture and daily lives of folk from 2,500 years ago. I can now spin wool into thread, cook ancient recipes on an open fire and make beautiful spiral jewellery out of copper and bronze. The only task I haven’t been able to master? Fire by friction! It’s a skill that requires strength and technique, two abilities I don’t think I will possess any time soon. But thankfully I’ll have plenty of time to practice, as come August I’ll be moving from trainee to full-time staff member! It’s a great opportunity to be able to continue working at the centre and get really stuck into the projects I’ve helped to build over the last 12 months. I’ll be putting my new-found marketing skills to the test, as well as continuing to build the social media following and engagement of the organisation. I’m really excited to begin the next chapter of my journey in the museum and heritage sector and find out where it takes me. This blog marks the end of my time as a museum novice – but I’m sure there is still much more to learn!