Crannog Workshops

Coming in 2021!


As snow blankets the Crannog and the red squirrels snooze, there are quiet preparations in time for when the spring bulbs bloom. Tools have been arriving and materials amassed. Our Crannog folks are busy making and learning from the past. Designs are being burnt into wood. Iron oxide stains the frozen ground. Slivers of timbers fall to the floor as a knife slices away, carving and chipping. The snap of a willow rod breaks the winter silence. Recipes for soups and stews simmer in our minds. An ever-growing thread twists on a drop spindle.

A little team is working away in their workshops, up-skilling to the level of our prehistoric ancestors, and if you keep an eye out on Crannog goings-on, then in the coming weeks and months a project will emerge fully. One which will grow our Crannog community and one in which we will invite you to join us for an experience of Iron Age crafts and lifeways. The keen-eyed among you may have even noticed a new tab on our website, take a look at our upcoming Workshops!

We cannot wait to welcome you in soon but for now, the thread continues to spin, the knife keeps carving and nimble fingers bend and mould the willow rods as we continue to prepare and learn.

You can learn more about our new workshops here.