Am Beannachadh Dailearb: A Blessing on Dalerb – Meadow of the Roe Deer

By Munro Gauld


Spirits of all who have gone before,

You who were here when the world was created from fire and rocks.

When the ice melted, you felt the first green shoots of growth.

You who first trod this land

And made your home by these shores …….

You, and everyone who has done so since.


Spirits of all that have gone before

You are still with us

You are in every drop of rain

Every rock and handful of earth

In every breath of air that we are given.


You are part of the birds that fly

The fish that swim

The smallest crawling insect and the beasts that roam the woods and hills.

You are in each tree and in every blade of grass.

And you are part of us,

As we are part of you.


Spirits of all that have gone before

You who are always with us.

Give us strength to build anew

Help us to make choices with wisdom and kindness.

Guide us to care for and honour this ground

And to welcome all who come here with open arms and hearts

That we might all grow together.


Spirits of those that have gone before

You are still here.

Be with us on our journey

As we nurture this special place to take root and thrive:


Am Beannachadh Dailearb

A Blessing on you – Meadow of the Roe Deer.