Cameron – Kickstart Maintenance

Cameron talks about his Kickstart placement and the amazing work he has done so far!


Cameron Roderick – Kickstart Maintenance Trainee


I was asked to create a pathway into the woodland towards the end of May, to be ready for the event on Midsummer 21st June, and to make it tidy and maintained through the summer. It will now also be used for Thursday Crannog Craic fundraising events with music performances in the woodland.



I raked the path first to get an outline of the route with sand and stones, and levelled it off. I identified a massive tree in the middle of the pathway, and created two paths to go around it, and I added an upper path as well as a lower one by the loch shore.

I collected pebbles and rocks to make the pathway edges and make it clear where to walk. I continued to level it out so it was accessible for as many people as possible. This process took roughly a day and a half, and included collecting and bucketing sand to areas of the path that were more rocky, and cutting back trees and foliage, and strimming the path in areas where the undergrowth had grown over it. I will continue to strim it once a week during the summer, although it looks quite cool with all the sides and plants growing over it.

Before the event I moved benches and stumps into the woodland to the end of the path by a big tree, where we had a fire pit ready for the performers.

Seeing it at Midsummer, I liked the way it was lit by the red lights and the flowers, my Gran said it was magical walking through it. The area I cleared at the end of the pathway was used by circus performers. The dancing was really good as well! I was proud seeing everyone’s reactions to the pathway and I liked knowing that other people felt the space was special just like my Gran did. She now wants me to build a path in her garden!


I also helped to create a space along the path for Jason’s community artwork with Kenmore School (funded by HES). I cleared and raked a semi-circle and lined it with stones and rocks again, having strimmed the plants to clear the area.

12 oak stumps were arranged in a circle, and the children from the school painted moss graffiti on them to tell the story of the Crannog bridge, which will grow into moss art over time.

The past three months have been really good, the team has been really welcoming and made it easy to feel a part of the Crannog team. I’ve learnt loads, building fences, making new shelters, and making the path.

I liked building this path because it allowed me to be creative, and to make my own decisions on what it would be like.