Apprentice Blogs – Daisy

Daisy shares her Crannog journey as an apprentice as part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2022.

Hello my name is Daisy Charles and I work in the Scottish crannog centre. Before this apprenticeship, I was in my fourth year of high school and was going to go to college to do practical cookery but my guidance teacher recommended me coming to the Crannog so I did.

For the last year and 8 months I have been very busy doing stuff such as mentoring a boy called Ian who is nonverbal and getting him ready for leaving school. I also organised his 18th birthday party. Along with that I have also done Iron Age cooking, I made a wooden shot glass on the lathe. I completed my customer service apprenticeship with flying colours and now I’m doing museums and Galleries Apprenticeship. I have gained more confidence than I had before as was as being financially stable and independent the crannog has been a great experience. During my time at the crannog I have gained so many new skills and knowledge. I have spoken to over a hundred museum/sector people across the UK about why museums need younger people as we have fresh ideas (and a sense of humour). I’ve done iron smelting, wood-working, I also did outreach in Creiff at the high school . I’ve helped organise some events like Yule and Samhain.

Being an apprentice has helped me become independent. I’ve made new friends, I am now living by myself at 17. I think more people should do apprenticeships, as the educational system is not for everyone.