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We will be open again in 2022, please use the calender on the home page to see availabilities.



The Scottish Crannog Centre is pleased to offer a range of workshops

for visitors looking to immerse themselves in traditional crafts and skills.



A Day in the Iron Age - Crafts Taster - Half Day Workshop

Availabile every Wednesday!

Make everything from pots to jewellery and a leather pouch to equip yourself for Iron Age life, and weather permitting a trip out onto the loch in Iron Age boats.

Price £50 per person. 9.00am - 2.30pm. Use the calendar below to book.

Crafting essential items like cooking pots, pouches, fire making kits or even jewellery in the ancient past was work the work of incredibly skilled people using their latest technology with time, care knowledge. We are lucky enough to look after a fantastic wooden, ceramic, metal and even textile artefacts in our museum's collection which survived from the archaeological excavation of the ‘Oakbank Crannog’ house site, dated to 500BC in Loch Tay.

Come and learn to make several accessories and items from Iron Age life in Scotland. You’ll use several raw materials that prehistoric communities would have gathered. Clay from the earth, leather from the surrounding animals, copper smelted from ore in Cornwall and wood gathered from surrounding forests. Each material has it’s own ways of working, it’s own rhythums and skills. Weather permitting you may also have a journey out onto the loch on one of our re-constructed logboats to paddle on the water and see archaeological Crannogs closer up. We assure you you’ll be welcome and looked after, complete with a hearty, traditional lunch cooked in our Iron Age kitchen, and plenty of refreshments. We hope to share with you and a community of likeminded enthusiasts a passion for ancient crafts in our unique lochside setting surrounded by hills, as we sit and chat around the crackling fire.

Aimed at all levels, from beginners to those with a keen interest in the prehistoric past.

Arrive at 9.00am to try out all the crafts with tea breaks and an Iron Age lunch in-between making bits and pieces. The course will end at about 2.30pm.

On arrival you’ll be welcomed with a hot drink and an opportunity to see our site, as well as meet your fellow participants and course leaders.

Visit our the museum to see the Crannog artefacts from 2,500 years ago on Loch Tay that all our crafts are based on.

We’ll then settle in our own workshop area for some time making several things essential to Iron Age life such as pottery, wire jewellery, fire making, leather pouch making, drop spinning thread and

You will head home with your own proudly hand made pieces and memories of a relaxed day by the loch trying out the prehistoric lifestyle.

Please note, booking must be done by 5pm on the day before the workshop to secure a place.

We reserve the right to cancel any workshops if there are not enough participants booked on to meet our minimum requirement or due to adverse weather conditions. In these cases, we are happy to help you re-book your course or process a refund.



Bookable online, or please call 07712 740392 or email


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