Sioned visited the Crannog this year, and was inspired by the clay pottery in our collection to make a miniature Crannog from the clay she was given during her visit. She then took this lovely little house and fired it, having completed a 10 week pottery course just before her visit, and sent us this photo and message below!

“To make it we used both balls of clay given to us on the tour. My husband the bottom half and gave it a flat base and I pinched the top into a cone shape. 

I then joined both together and strengthened the join using the clay I cut out for a door and for an air hole in the bottom of the pot.I then scored the roof with a fork and engraved the detail on the walls with a knife.

After it was bisque fired I applied a copper and iron oxide wash on it and sponged off some of it to make it look more natural.

It then went into the kiln for a stoneware firing.”


We love when people are encouraged to make things by their trips to see us, whether from the crafts we explore at the Crannog Centre, or new ways of cooking, making clothes, or even taking up wood-turning. Huge thanks to Sioned and her husband for sending this in 😊

Photo of miniature clay crannog made by Sioned, a visitor at the centre.