Our Vision, Mission and Values


To be a national treasure loved and admired by all, with social justice at its heart. 

We aim to create an organisation where there are a thousand fingerprints and a thousand voices involved in all we do – a national treasure rooted in its community, capable of going through the gears of being locally, regionally, nationally and internationally significant.


We will care for and make accessible the finds of Scottish Crannog dwellers for the benefit, enjoyment, education and inspiration for all demonstrating how the crannog dwellers stories are a defining significant thread in the fabric of Scotland’s rich heritage. Locally rooted, we will have local, regional, national and international impact. Through our practise we will maximise the social and economic impact of our work and play our part in tackling the climate emergency.







Ability to Dream



Guided by our vision, mission, and values, we have we have an ambition to embrace sustainability and incorporate it into everything that we do.

Sustainability has many aspects – from environmental, to relationships, people, communities, finances, and skills. We see individual growth alongside community growth, within a sustainable environment for success.

Our model has four branches of sustainability, as we aim to be:

  • A Trusted partner that organisations and individuals want to work alongside
  • A Special place people want to visit and support
  • A Place of choice to work and grow
  • A Place that belongs in and cares for its environment

We are currently developing a sustainability document using this model to create a sustainable museum environment.