The Scottish Crannog Centre Trust

What is the Scottish Crannog Centre Trust?

The Scottish Crannog Centre Trust (formally known as the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology or STUA) was formed to promote the research of Crannogs across Scotland. The Museum has operated as a visitor centre for twenty years, we are now a museum with all the responsibilities that brings, a responsibility to engage communities near and far today, responsibility to the communities of the future to look after the collections, buildings and landscapes under our guardianship and a responsibility to the amazing Crannog dwellers who built these structures 2500 years ago


We want to be a sector-defining museum, a museum fit to tell our stories, a museum that is democratic, engages diverse folk both those that work alongside each other and those that visit, a place of activism where leadership runs right through the organisation.

We are beginning to articulate our vision, we will test our mission, and our values that will shape how we are and work, and set a path to being a special place that is respected, loved and admired, a national treasure that matters to the publics we are here to serve.

Simon Marchant, Trustee of the Scottish Crannog Centre Trust

“Our threads are those fragile continuities of purpose, of passion and of spirit that give us our sense of self and identity. Personal, social, historical, cultural and professional threads. For some the thread may be well preserved artefacts, for others the wonder of time, archaeology, historical events, community, science, local involvement, folklore, anthropology, spirituality, love … the list is probably endless. As I see it, we are all about creating this place of threads that is vibrant, passionate and constantly evolving. Perhaps, a unique Scottish Crannog Centre Trust thread that gives meaning to all those involved and all those who visit. The future looks bright!”.