Schools at the Crannog

The Crannog Centre designs all school visits around the curriculum of excellence and more importantly, we tailor the visit for pupils coming to the museum. 

We cater to school groups of any age, and as part of the visit, the entire site is turned over to the school. We excel at engaging pupils by having multiple small groups and a huge variety of hands-on learning throughout the day, all designed around a seasonal theme and tailored to specific topics upon request. And as part of your visit in 2022 you will be part of our Pottery Project, handling ancient pottery fragments.

Further to this, we provide the capacity to deliver online introductory sessions before your visit to set the tone and get the pupils ready for their day out at the Crannog Centre

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“We have enjoyed a visit to the Crannog every year for 5 years, this year (2020/21) was above and beyond the best visit yet. The Children thoroughly enjoyed the huge variety of tasks on offer. They loved the hands-on nature of them and having a small memento to take home with them, They were able to discuss and relive the experience the following day, using lots of newly acquired language, and produced a piece of writing the following day.

The whole experience provides such a rich learning environment showing what it was like in the Iron Age and bringing to life the work we did in the classroom. The staff are all so lovely, engage well with the children, and are knowledgeable about all aspects of Iron Age life.

We loved the new set-up and will definitely be booking for next year!”

– Craigclowan School


” I arranged for my school class to visit the Crannog Centre. The staff were extremely accommodating and closed the museum to the public so that we could have exclusive use of the whole site. The day was so well organized and the staff and volunteers were knowledgeable and helped the children see the elements of life in the Iron Age. The hands-on activities were engaging and everyone came away from the day having learned a lot.

The centre is a great way to learn about the past and it was probably one of the best school visits I have ever attended.

Thank you so much for a great day! “

– Isla Primary School