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The Centre is now closed for winter maintenance.  Please keep an eye on this page for our 2019 opening date. 


Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported us this year - we're looking forward to seeing you all again next year!  

The 2018 Crannog Community 

Scottish Crannog Centre Privacy Policy

This Notice contains important information about your personal rights to privacy. Please read it carefully to understand how The Scottish Crannog Centre uses the personal information on its database.

How we collect personal data
We collect data (name and email address) on individuals in the following ways:

  • We have corresponded with you, or vice versa, as part of a specific piece of work we have done together
  • We have found your details through a search of publicly available websites

We do not collect or receive data about you from any other sources.  We do not pay third parties for contact databases. 

What Personal information we use
In order to continue working with The Scottish Crannog Centre, we need to retain your name and email address on our database. This information is limited to:

Email address,
First Name,
(Rarely) Contact phone number

We do not hold any financial information such as payment methods, card or bank details.

Lawful Basis
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires us to rely on one or more lawful basis to use your personal information. We consider the grounds listed below to be relevant:

  • The GDPR allows us to collect and process your personal information if it is reasonably necessary in order for us to achieve our legitimate interests (as long as that processing is fair, balanced and does not unduly impact your rights as an individual). In broad terms, our “legitimate interests” means the functioning of our registered charity and the delivery of its charitable.
  • When we process your personal information to achieve such legitimate interests, we consider and balance any potential impact on you and on your rights under data protection laws. We will not use your personal information for other activities, nor will we share it with others without your consent.

Electronic Communications
We may use your contact details to:

  • Communicate with you to keep updated on our events and news