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Winter Maintenance

Just because the Centre is closed to the public during the winter months doesn’t mean that we’re not working away in the background and life at the Crannog continues to be busy as we prepare for the 2016 season.

The recent heavy rains have caused many problems around and about and the rising water was closely monitored however the Crannog remained sturdy and resolute throughout. The heavy rains caused a few problems on site too with a small river running through the events area when the weather was at its worst. We had to take emergency action to divert the water by creating channels to take the water into the loch.

Dirk and Rich have been hard at work throughout the wind, rain, snow and even sunshine during November and December. The Crannog structure is monitored throughout the year but all routine maintenance work is carried out during the winter months and they’ve been busy inspecting, testing and replacing timbers where necessary. It’s hard work in inclement weather but it is important work and they carry it out with a smile and lots of tea!

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