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Father's Day Special

Sunday 17th June from 10 a.m.

Bring your Dad along to the Crannog on Father's Day to see how he would have managed 2,500 years ago!

Dads do a lot - they drive us around, take us on holiday, entertain us and provide food for us.  

But, imagine it's 2,500 years ago in the Early Iron Age. 

There are no cars and no aeroplanes.  There is no radio, TV or computers and even if there were, there would be no electricity to run them off!  There wouldn't even be any supermarkets.

All Dads and Mums are welcome to our Father's Day Special to discover just how they would have fared without modern conveniences! 

Archery and spear-throwing, BBQ with Iron Age sausages, hands-on ancient crafts and technologies, cooking and Crannog tours!  

Big thanks to Errichel Farm, Aberfeldy who kindly supplied the sausages for this event.

'Thyme to Eat' - Errichel Farm Rare Breed Large Black Pork Sausages

Thyme w. Signature Errichel Logo

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