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Opening 1st February 2019
from 10am to 4pm - 
Tours at 11am and 2pm

 We're looking forward to seeing you all again through 2019

The Crannog Centre will be closed for one day, on the 25th March for staff training

Crannog Blog

Being a Community Archaeologist - Rich Hiden

A lot has changed at the Crannog Centre over the last 12 months: we spent our first year as a nationally accredited museum expanding what we deliver on a day to day basis and are now starting the renovations of our museum space. We aim to create a new immersive setting that enables us to showcase the fantastic collection of 2500-year-old artefacts in our care.

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My life as a museum novice - Social Media!

This month Ellen tells us about social media and what she's learned so far.

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The Textile Area - by Jason & Alex

Jason and Alexandra, our Iron Age experts from the textile area, tell us about their experimental archaeology textile journey in 2018.

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Opening the boxes - unleashing our national treasures

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Museum Galleries Scotland to assist in the refurbishment of the Centre's museum galleries.

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My life as a museum novice - Settling down for winter

As we hunker down for winter, Ellen explains how her role changes with the seasons.

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The Crannog Honey Loaf

We often make our delicious Crannog Honey Loaf to hand out to friends old and new both at the Centre and when we're out and about at Outreach ... we're always asked for the recipe so here it is!

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My life as a museum novice - Spooky Samhain!

More from Ellen as she experiences her first Celtic Samhain at the Crannog!

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Volunteering - it's a family lifestyle!

Lissa Clark and her sons Jacob and Jason regularly volunteer at the Centre. They all came along to help us with our fantastic Celtic Autumn event on 14th October and have written about the day and what volunteering and being here means to them:

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My life as a museum novice - Getting my hands dirty!

Now into her third month at the Crannog, Ellen Pryde describes some of the tasks she's been undertaking as part of her Museum Galleries Scotland Skills for Success Programme.

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Volunteering - it's a family affair!

Lissa Clark and her sons all volunteer their time to help at our special events and are now an integral part of the 2018 Crannog Community. Just like her father who helped build the Crannog roundhouse 20+ years ago, Lissa has found volunteering at the Crannog rewarding, interesting and educational plus, it opens up a whole new world!

Here is Lissa's experience of volunteering in her own words:

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My life as a museum novice!

In August 2018, Ellen Pryde, began her journey in the Museum sector thanks to Museums Galleries Scotland's Skills for Success Trainee programme. Here are Ellen's words describing the start of her journey.

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Midsummer Friends

Our Midsummer Music event on 21st June each year has been the catalyst for many fantastic friendships between the Crannog, staff and our visitors!

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The inspirational William Kent

Will Kent visited us with his parents in April this year. He was so inspired by what he discovered that he asked if he could possibly come to us for work experience.

Will has a condition affecting his eyesight which has been deteriorating since he was 6. He faces the prospect of losing his vision completely but Will is an inspiration to us all because he lets nothing get in his way. These are his own words of his experience at the Centre!

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The Celtic Tradition of Handfasting

'Taking each other's hand in marriage' is a well-known phrase but have you ever stopped to think about where it comes from? Handfasting is probably the answer ...

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Vocational Pathway Fund

The Scottish Crannog Centre has been named as one of the recipients of Museums Galleries Scotland’s Vocational Pathways Fund.

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Our Priceless Emergency Services

One of our volunteers was taken ill with a heart attack last week and the response from our emergency services was just amazing!

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Loch Tay Young Archaeology Club

February 2018 sees the launch of Loch Tay Young Archaeologists' Club ‘YAC’ which we are very excited about. The Club aims to get involved in demonstrations, craft activities, museum object handling, visiting and investigating archaeological sites and historical places and lots more.

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Successful start for the Loch Tay Young Archaeologists' Club

Youngsters from the local area enjoyed a day full of learning and fun at the first meeting of the Loch Tay Young Archaeologists' Club.

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New Beginnings!

After more than twenty years, Barrie Andrian retired as Managing Director of the Scottish Crannog Centre on 31st December 2017.

Barrie has been succeeded by Mike Benson who took over with effect from 1st January 2018.

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The Storm damage - the problem, the solution!

The storms earlier this year caused chaos and misery for a lot of people and while the Crannog Roundhouse survived with hardly any damage, the Centre's site wasn't so lucky.

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Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Support for Projects at the Centre

The Scottish Crannog Centre is grateful to Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER for part-supporting some of our events programme in 2017 together with a co-ordinator.

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Road works outside the Crannog on 20 May

There will be restricted access along the C451 South Loch Tay road to the Scottish Crannog Centre on Friday 20th May while BT carry out essential repairs

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Museum Accreditation

We submitted our application to Museums and Galleries Scotland in May 2017. We should receive the result by the end of this year, following an inspection in September. Wish us luck, and stay tuned for more news later.

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ETAPE Cycle Race - Road Closures 08 May 2016

The Marie Curie Etape Caledonia Cycle event will take place on 08 May this year. While roads to the Centre remain open, some roads in the area will be closed.

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