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The Centre is now closed for winter maintenance.  

Please keep an eye on this page for our 2019 opening date. 

Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported us during 2018

We're looking forward to seeing you all again in 2019

The 2019 Crannog Community 

Ancient Crafts

Much of our work is founded on experimental archaeology and all visitors are invited to test and experience a range of hands-on ancient crafts with the help of our Iron Age Interpreters.

Wood-turning.  Pole-lathe demonstrations illustrate how the loch-dwellers would have made items used in daily life such as bowls, platters or handles for implements.

Stone-drilling and ‘pecking’.  Several stones have been discovered with holes drilled into them.  Find out why people did this on your visit and have a go at drilling and pecking yourself. 

Wool-Spinning. A spindle whorl is used to drop-spin yarn.  This can be a tricky skill to learn but watch our interpreters spin fine threads from sheep's wool then give it a try yourself.

Grain Grinding. Loch Tay's early crannog farmers grew spelt wheat, emmer wheat and barley.  They gound their grain by rubbing a small rounded stone against a large flatter one called a saddle quern.  Children love grinding their own grain when they visit. 

Fire-Making.  A vital skill if you're going to survive in the preshistoric world.  Watch the magic of making fire by friction and learn just how important it was to our ancestors. 

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Crannog Mug

If you do manage to make fire, why not treat yourself to an 'I Made Fire!' mug from our gift shop as a lasting memory of your hard-work and effort!

For details of special events based on our crafts and technologies, please see our Special Events


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